I miss you, blockbuster... in London

Isthisit? and A217 Gallery London present : I miss you, Blockbuster...Curated by Bob Bicknell-Knigh and including my work in the show.

'I miss you, Blockbuster' seeks to present a number of works that confront how the internet and the evolution of the screen has fundamentally changed society and how it functions, distorting viewing habits and re-aligning our bone structures. From voyeuristic narcissism to an internet detox, the artists involved explore ways to combat the acceleration of technological reproduction whilst commenting on the web 2.0 landscape of today and the multiverse of tomorrow.

'I miss you, Blockbuster' will feature work by:

Marie Aimee
Amanda Ali
Jon Arbuckle
Miro Arva
Bob Bicknell-Knight
Pippa Eason
Juliet Fleming
Ed Fornieles
Roxman Gatt in collaboration with Charlotte-Maëva Perret
Elliot Warren Gibbons
Bartosz Kolata
Laila Majid
Evelyn Privitera
Karl Sims
Jonny Tanna

Photos credit to Bob Bicknell-Knight

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