Unwanted, and it grows. 
Dug out and it grows back. 
Abandoned, and it blooms.
A weed is a plant that, in gardening, does not fit into the planned aesthetics of the space and is considered an undesirable plant. For me, the garden is a reflection of society as an organism that subordinates the individual to the imposed rules and laws resulting from the adopted morality. Any otherness and any exception from the accepted heteronormativity is just as erased in history as weeds are pulled out in gardening. 
My latest series of works – diptychs compares common plants with representations of gays, created on the basis of historical photos of queer people found on the Internet. My heroes are full of life, joy, love, which stands in contrast to their reality and social ostracism.
I am moved by their beauty and authenticity, just as I am moved by the beauty of weeds.