Dive in / Transient
This series of works, "Dive in" and "Transient", were both created over the last twelve months.  I painted them in search of inner peace, which may seem trivial.  However, by focusing on what beauty, love and desire mean to me
and asking myself the reason for their transience, I managed to escape from loneliness and the feeling of finitude that was overwhelming me at that time.  The reality I found myself in 2023 was difficult for me to accept, marked by trauma, which art helped me come to terms with.
The paintings are not moralistic, they do not comment on the current reality, nor are they a response to the challenges of the modern world.  They are my personal remedy for suffering, an attempt to take care of my mental health, and a form of meditation.  Some are filled with melancholy, referring to first loves and desires.  They are dominated by warmth and carefreeness, which for some people may be incomprehensible and useless nowadays.  In my opinion, however, it allows us to look at what is happening around us and in our lives from a different, more optimistic perspective.
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