Bartosz Kolata Artworks

I am responsible for acquiring and displaying Mason Hayes & Curran's corporate art collection, now kept at South Bank House, Barrow Street, Dublin. We have four beautiful pieces by Bartosz Kolata which are much admired by our staff, and by visitors to our building. Bartosz's works reflect his very particular view of our times and environment; he shows us seemingly conventional scenes and settings, rendered dramatic and deeply atmospheric when viewed through the prism of his unique perspective on contemporary things and events. His works merit some study, one's first glance impressions are unlikely to survive analysis and consideration. In my opinion Bartosz Kolata's career bears careful watching; his work style is evolving quite rapidly now and there are exciting times ahead for him and for followers of his work. We are lucky that this Polish artist has chosen to make his career in Ireland.

Declan Moylan, board member of Irish Museum of Modern Art (from January 2016) and former chairman of Mason Hayes & Curran, Art Collector


Bartosz Kolata is one of a new breed of young Europeans who has come from Poland to live in Ireland. He casts his fresh eye over the Irish scene and sees what we are unable to see - the strange, the beautiful, the poignant. Using strong clear colours and startling juxtapositions, he expresses a European sensibility which calls on an implicit shared history. Tranquil scenes indicate recently vanished presences, townscapes with reflective glass and large architectural blocks are the backdrop for ongoing dramas. Look at his website to see the scope and variety of his highly skilled and atmospheric work

Patricia Stewart, Councillor, former Lemonstreet Gallery Dublin


I am an international art collector specialising in modern abstract and surrealist art. I almost never buy figurative pieces, but Bartosz's bizarrely unique view of the world is irresistable to me. I own two of his works and only wish I had the wallspace for his larger pieces. I strongly recommend that you go and take a look at his take on modern life.

Claudia Bloom-Darby, Art Collector