My "Moments" series which will be presented in Gdansk in May, represents a transition stage in my career.

After moving back to Poland and adopting myself to a new surroundings, I have changed  the subject of my paintings. It is different from my socially and politically involved works from previous years. Again, I put myself in the observer position however, I focus on my every day life, friends and situations around me. Paintings which I create, even when presenting portraits of people who are smiling, have a sense of melancholy and nostalgia. It is supposed to evoke in us the value of time and fragility of life.

The painting technic, texture, paint thickness, brush stroke and color, all are important part of my new works. Moralizing or lecturing from a position of the artist is not my intention. Creativity is not supposed to deepen existing gap between "us" (artists) and "them" (society).

With this exhibition the goal is to connect with the audience and remind all that "in life you are struck by the importance of presence, of the small moments of meaning." (Sherry Turkle "Faking intimacy", "New Philosopher" Feb-April 2019)