Luxembourg Art Prize

I am delighted to be one of ten finalists of the Luxembourg Art Prize 2016.

The Luxembourg Art Prize is an annual international competition aiming to discover new talents with a finalists' exhibition in  Galerie Hervé Lancelin 17th September 2016 until 29 October 2016.
The gallery is owned by an amazing art lover and collector Hervé Lancelin specialising in post-war and contemporary art.

Judges: Isabelle de Maison Rouge (Art historian, art critic, freelance curator), Critophe Duvivier (Curator of the Musée Pissarro and the Musée Tavet-Delavour in Pontoise), Olivier Donat (Exhibition and Publication Director, Etablissement Public Paris Musées), Adriano Picinati di Torcello (Director of the Art & Finance Department, Deloitte Consulting).


Big congratulations to John Haverty, the winner of Luxembourg Art Prize 2016.


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