I am happy to announce that my project at Fund it has been successfully finished.

I was raising money toward the costs for my two forthcoming exhibitions in Cork Institute of Technology - Gallery Wandesford Quay in Cork between 24th July - 14th August 2013 and touring to the Limerick School of Art and Design Gallery in Limerick at the end of 2013. As a winner of Manifest Award 2012 - Kinsale Art Festival - I was awarded these two exhibition. The judges were: Patrick Murphy (RHA), Trish Brennan (CCA / CIT) and Mike Fitzatrick (curator of Manifest LIT).






For a generous support I want to thank to:

Mareta Doyle

Claudia Bloom and Richard Darby

Patricia Stewart and Michael O'Reilly

Gemma Tipton

Justyna Seniuta and Rene Satsi

Mary Conlon

Agnieszka Fejzer and Edgar Pill

Agnieszka Bloch

Maria Gasior

Aleksandra Wojcik

Cliona O'Flaherty

Anna and Stach Socha-Bystron

and three anonymous sponsors

Once again a huge THANK YOU.