A sneaky peek

A sneaky peek of my works from series called "Patience" already installed at Custom House Studios and Gallery in Westport.

I also had a great opportunity to meet two fantastic artists. Amanda Rice and Ian Wieczorek.


Amanda born in 1985 is graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork. Her work discusses a search for idealism within ambiguous or banal environments. She works with the re-appropriation of meaning within these environments through the use of text and simplification of form. This in turns leads to the construction of the artists own landscape through the use of industrial materials forming an almost synthetic or pseudo-nature which speaks of an impending and volatile future.

Ian graduated from Fine Art at GMIT in Castlebar in 2008. His practice is based primarily in painting and drawing, and more recently curation.

We had a chance to chat and have a pint of Guinness after the official opening in the local pub.


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