"Self portrait"exhibition in CIT Gallery, Cork.

A few photos from my opening at CIT Gallery, Wandesford Quay, Cork.

In my show “Self Portrait” I present works based on my family’s old photograph collection. In these paintings I am not analysing my roots, or displaying sentiment about the past.   Rather my intention is to reflect my melancholic mood and some feelings of hopelessness and emptiness due to the passage of time. Each of us has a sense of lost in our life no matter if it is a grief for a dead person or just impression of melting memories. The theme of death is a recurring reference throughout my work.



This exhibition was launched at July 11th from 6pm. Great gathering and atmosphere. I had a great pleasure to meet CIT CCAD Head of Fine Art Trish Brennan and Tessa Fitzjohn, Guest Curator of 'Now Wakes the Sea' (Kinsale Arts Festival's rebranded emerging artist award).

The Wandesford Quay Gallery was established as a creative space under the direction of the Crawford  College of Art & Design.

The philosophy of the Wandesford Quay initiative therefore is one that recognises creative expression within all disciplines while striving to stimulate a network of interest between them. It also engenders the spirit of human creativity while acknowledging all who care enough to manifest it. It stands to encourage all forms of learning through dialogue independent of the languages through which we choose to communicate.