Carlow Arts Festival

I am happy to be accepted for this year Carlow Arts Festival.

One of the longest running and respected Art Prizes in the calendar, the exhibition that results from this Open Submission will enjoy three-month exhibition in the peerless VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, from June 7th.

The 2013 Open Submission was adjudicated by two leading artists, Stephen McKenna PPRHA and Amelia Stein RHA.

All selected artists are:

Bibi Darnell, Bernadette Kiely, Patsy Connolly, Patrick Maddock, Adam Bohanna ,Catherine Barron, Aidan Flanagan, Mary Rose Binchy, Julie Cusack, Clody Elizabeth Norton, Heidi Morrison, Josephine Geaney, Maree Hensey, Terry Dunne, David Begley, Veronica Nicolson, Gypsy Ray, Sarah O’Flaherty, Sarah Rodgers, Noelle Gallagher, Joan Sugrue, Tony Donnelly, Patricia Burns, Gerard Casey, Annabel Konig, Maria Levinge, Tim Goulding, Helen Robbins, Hilary Elmes, Rosalind Murray, Feargal Cunningham, Adele Stanley, Mark Leavey, Sasha Sykes, Michael M Williams, Joan Stack, Miriam McConnon, Cecilia Moore, Maggie Wright, Brian Hegarty, Bartosz Kolata, Colin Martin, Elaine Leader, Nicki Cheevers, Niamh Flanagan, Deirdre Hayden, Joe Dunne, John Conway, Darina Meagher, Tony Gunning, Stefanie Brunening, David Quinn, Colm Desmond, Kelly Ratchford, Stephen Ruin.

The five invited artists are Richard Gorman, Eithne Jordan, Jim Savage, Dorothy Cross and Gary Coyle.

My work selected for the exhibition is Triptych Helena (Internal, External and Transversal), 3x30/25cm, oil on canvas, 2013. This painting is a portrait of my grandmother who was celebrating her 90th birthday with me and whole family a few months ago. It was a very moving and positive moment for me as I haven't seen some of my extended family for many years. It was wonderful, but strange, to see us all assembled together in the one place after so long and all having changed so much. It felt almost surrealistic, like a sort of “last supper" and made me think about how weak and inaccurate memory can be.  

My very personal reconciliation with her psychological and physical ageing during this family gathering started my reflection on my own ageing – and on how deeply important relationships between people are. 

This was the starting point for a series of works called Self Portrait which reflect my melancholic mood and express the sense of loss and emptiness that an acute awareness of the passage of time can bring. Capturing moments like this expresses the poignancy of these pauses in time, moments of connection when the subjects, together for a short while, look out of the picture into the viewing plane at us, the viewers, who become present with them.