The Hybrids

The series of paintings called "The Hybrids" analyze a contemporary phenomenon of plastic surgery.


The human being is a creature between the angel and the beast and all his life he redesigns himself to find his own way to become one of them. The closer you are to the your goal the more likely it is that you become what you reject.

Youth and beauty are the most desired values of  the XXI century. Amid the pressures to be beautiful in our personal and professional life, plastic surgery seems to be the easiest and the best option. People want to look young, to have the face which they keep in their mind, not the one in the mirror. Reaching the goal without any wariness. is essential for them. The desire became an obsession, beauty and naturalness changed into the monstrosity. 


They transformed themselves into the hybrids, lost somewhere between their dreams and reality, with unnatural wince. The metamorphosis is a grotesque but still fascinating.

I am hidden between them becoming the hybrids' phantom.

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