"Traces" in London

"Traces" exhibition by Bartosz Kolata and Malgorzata Drohomirecka. This show was presented by "The Montage" Gallery @ Forest Hill in London from 23.03-04.05.2015.


In presented works  (which are a part of my "Blasphemy" series painted between 2013-2015) I investigate recently disclosed violent abuse of power by the Irish Catholic institution. I look at how the mental and physical cruelty changes us utterly. The engrams of trauma have more meaning and impact on us than any other memories of positive experience. I believe that some religious restrictions affect certain behaviours and frustrations, which consequently leads up to the abuse. Some of the slogans on moral issues and homosexuality are based on delusions and are in opposition to how the religious institutions represent themselves. My desire is to overcome the intolerance and human suffering.

“Reverberations of the Squeegee Stroke” is a deconstructive study of Malgorzata Drohomirecka’s recent experimentations through to the mediums of silk-screen print and 16mm film. The following collection tries to capture the essence of the two mediums and translate the interchangeable qualities between them, onto the intimate and still surface of the canvas. Drohomirecka is an abstract painter who lives and works in London.