What's behind the circus


In the “Circus” series I challenge myself with my pessimistic worldview and believe that human existence have no sublime meaning or values.

I try to face up the surrounding reality by combining the grotesque of human being with the circus which is an idea created for our own entertainment. In these paintings I let myself to assemble different and sometimes opposite situations with my own sense of humor. By puzzling vintage acrobats, animals, clowns and freaks with modern life people I wanted to express the senselessness and absurd of our nature. By constant supporting ourselves in the tradition, conservative values and the religion we are unable to deal with our consciousness of time. It leads us to the unhappiness and at the end to the destruction.


These paintings are bouncing on the border of being kitschy and comic. It is how I find the circus which is stripped off any romantic and sentimental vision.


In the painting "Red nose and the puppet" I presented Scott Lively and behind the "Clown" is hidden Brigide Barjot. Both  are one of many activists involved in anty-equality movements for LGBT people based on their hypocritical religious believes. It's against the fundamental human rights based solely on people's identity.


Many of these works are based on vintage photographs Fred Bradna's troop. In 1915 Fred became the Equestrian Director of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and remained in that position until 1945. They were a part of the show in Hartford Circus when in 1944 was one of the worst fire disasters in the history of the USA. It occurred on July 6, 1944 and  an estimated 167-169 people died and more than 700 were injured. The show was attended by approximately 7,000 people.