"We cannot achieve happiness only through the desire to be happy. It must be the unintended consequence of pursuing a goal greater than ourselves" (Victor Frankl)

Personalization, that is, giving reality personal features, through what I understand adapting it to my own individual needs.  

This is to consciously notice the moments that enable us to be happy. The starting point of this series were two paintings created two years apart. The first work entitled "Two Heads" was created in 2018, it shows a double portrait - mine and my husband Mariusz. The picture was created when we decided to return to Poland, after thirteen years of living in Ireland.
Returning to the country - as we thought then - saturated with homophobia, mischief and hatred for non-heteronormative people, us, opening a new path towards higher goals. It may differ stylistically from other works, but it is an important beginning of the painting path presented at the exhibition. The landscape from 2020, entitled "Spring", was created in the first weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic in Poland, at a time of ongoing social isolation. It was not my goal or ambition to conduct a painting reportage from this period. I also did not want to refer directly to the drama of many people at that time in my works. It does not change the fact that the entire series was created in an exceptionally difficult period. By escaping in my paintings into the world of small things and focusing on my loved ones, I want to convey the feeling of hope, but also the strength that I build through interaction with the environment and closeness with other people. I express this positive message by capturing the banal objects of everyday life, as well as by stopping at its very intimate moments. By setting the goal of happiness on my way, I create the reality that surrounds me with moments full of it.

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