"We cannot achieve happiness only through the desire to be happy. It must be the unintended consequence of pursuing a goal greater than ourselves" (Victor Frankl)

Personalization, that is, giving reality personal features, through what I understand adapting it to my own individual needs.  This is to optimize the factors that enable us to achieve happiness.

The starting point for this exhibition are two paintings created at different moments in my life, two years apart.  I painted them under the influence of important events affecting the reality around me.  The feeling of my happiness and peace in both works is not reflected in the reality in which they were created.

The first work entitled "Two heads" was created in 2018, it presents a portrait of me and my husband Mariusz.  A double portrait was created just after returning to Poland, after thirteen years of living in Ireland.  This work introduces us as a couple, a homosexual couple who moved from a country accepting minorities to a country saturated with homophobia, affection and hatred for non-heteronormative people.
The landscape from 2020, entitled "Spring", was created at the time of the epidemic, which resulted in social isolation.  This is the only work referring to this period.  It was created at a special moment for me. In my work I did not want to refer directly to the drama of many people and I never had the ambition to conduct painting reportage from that time.

The dialogue of these two works creates the narrative of the entire exhibition.  I try to convey a feeling of happiness, hope but also strength that builds through interaction with the environment and other people.  This is often expressed in the banality of everyday life, as well as in its very intimate aspects.  Goals and thus the reality that we are building around lead to its achievement.

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