Art allows me to express my identity.

Art is welcoming of every form of self-expression, including sexuality.

We might think that artists’ sexuality may not be important to the paintings' interpretation, particularly if that work does not address sexuality directly. But without this important context, we miss personal and  intimate aspects of it.

In my recent works titled "Sentiment" I am revisiting this sentiment which also exists in my "Sophie Scholl" series where I yet again dwell on my past as a young homosexual. I have recently discovered Patrick Angus who portrayed New York's gay scene in the 80's and early 90's (he died of AIDS in 1992). I am referring to his work as an attempt to interpret homoeroticism present in his art. My works are based on random sex images from the internet or shots from gay pornographic films. In the process of selecting these images I was looking for a  gaze, a pose, a gesture which signals intimacy, tension and hidden desires.
In the contrast of the word problems and tragic events which are happening now, this subject might not seem to be important and adequate. I consciously focus on a queer subject as being queer is an important part of so many young people’s lives where everyday is a fight with homophobia.