Bartosz Kolata was born in Torun, Poland in 1979. In 2006 he graduated in Art Conservation and Restoration from Nicolas Copernicus University UMK, securing a Master of Art degree. He has lived in Dublin since 2005.

Art is an expression of opinion and only misses the mark if it fails to encourage any comment. My goal, in this limited sense, is not to comfortable accommodate the viewer who would in turn, through the gaze, allow the painting to become meaningful. But to challenge the viewer's agency and to engage  him or her emotionally and intellectually.  My paintings tell stories of people and their relations in society throughout their self-exploration enabled by modern technology. I hope my art has the potential to break down barriers of shame surrounding sex, sexuality, desires and the body's appearance, especially among those who felt pressured to act or look a certain way.

 Bartosz Kolata